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Body Corporate Pool Safety Compliance.

It’s the responsibility of bodies corporate to maintain the best interests of their community. This extends to pool safety in communal areas and facilities from potentially life-threatening situations.

Additionally, any owners whose lot contains their own private pool will also need to meet these obligations.

Swimming pools are a great addition to any strata community, but without regular management, they can become a real risk, especially in communities with a high number of young families.

In 2018/19, there were 12 Australian children under the age of five who lost their lives in swimming pool drownings.

Children under 5 have the highest mortality rate out of any age group. Approximately 70% of drowning deaths occurring in swimming pools.

Shared Pools

A shared pool, such as on body corporate common property, is for the benefit and enjoyment of all the lot owners and their respective guests. A shared pool means that it is accessible to residents of two or more dwellings. They are typically associated with apartment and unit complexes, hotels, motels, backpacker hostels and caravan parks.

The body corporate is responsible for maintaining the common property and part of that is obtaining, replacing and displaying the body corporate pool safety certificate.


Display of pool safety certificate for shared pools.


Pool safety certificates for shared pools must be conspicuously displayed near the main entrance to the premises or at a gate or door providing access to the pool.

If you lose your certificate, you can download and print a hard copy at property search.


If you own a unit or apartment with a shared pool, you can sell it with or without a pool safety certificate. It’s important to note that the pool owner is responsible for ensuring the barrier is compliant with the pool safety standard at all times, even after providing/receiving the Form 26. Failing to do so may result in penalties.

However, if you are not providing a certificate, you must give a completed copy of the Form 36 – Notice of No Pool Safety Certificate to the buyer before entering the contract of sale.

Before settlement, you must provide a completed copy of this form to the owner of the pool (usually a body corporate) and the QBCC ().

The owner of the pool (usually the body corporate) then has 90 days to obtain a pool safety certificate.


Before you enter into the accommodation agreement, you must provide a pool safety certificate or Form 36-notice of no pool safety certificate to the new occupier and the owner of the pool (usually a body corporate) as well as the QBCC (). It’s important to note that the pool owner is responsible for ensuring the barrier is compliant with the QLD  pool legislation standards at all times, even after providing/receiving the Form 26. Failing to do so may result in penalties.

If a Form 36 has been provided, the pool owner then has 90 days from when they entered the accommodation agreement, to obtain a pool safety certificate.

Expiry date for certificates.

Pool safety certificates for shared pools are valid for 1 year from the date of issue.


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