Pool Compliance Certificate QLD

Pool Safety Compliance: As of 30th of November 2015 all homeowners in Queensland must comply with the new pool safety laws, even if they are not selling or leasing the property, according to QLD Government regulations.

Brisbane Pool Certifiers provide affordable pool safety inspections at a time that suits the pool owner. We provide a fast turnaround on pool compliance certificates and reports throughout the Brisbane Greater Region.

Once you pass the pool safety inspection your certificate of compliance will be issued and sent to you promptly.


QLD Pool Safety Laws

Pool fences, gates and barriers

A compliant pool barrier or fence must be in place and well-maintained at all times. Your pool gates must have self-closing hinges or latching device.

A well maintained pool fence and barrier is essential to help prevent children entering the pool area unsupervised. Unsupervised entry could lead to drowning or being seriously injured.

If your pool fence or barrier is damaged, you must repair it immediately to comply Development Code MP 3.4—Swimming pool barriers

Shared Pools

If residents of multiple dwellings share a swimming pool (such as through body corporate), the owner MUST provide tenants with a copy of a valid pool safety certificate before entering into a lease agreement.

This affects all businesses including motels, hotels, resorts, lodings and body corporates managing any form of accommodation. A shared pool safety certificate is valid for 1 year.

Leasing A Property With Pool

If a pool is within a property that is only accessible to the current tenants, it is classified as a non-shared pool. The owner of the property must ensure that a valid pool safety certificate is in place before entering into a new lease or renewing a current lease agreement.

Residential Pools

Homeowners with a non-shared residential pool must ensure that the pool fence complies with the latest pool barrier standards. Safety certificates issued for these types of pools are valid for 2 years.

Selling A Property With Pool

  • If a pool safety certificate is current: The seller must provide a copy of the certificate before the settlement date.
  • If a valid pool safety certificate is not present by settlement: The seller provides the buyer with Form 36 including the settlement date written on the form.
  • No safety certificate when entering into a contract of sale: The seller must give the prospective buyer Form 36 – Notice Of No Pool Safety Certificate.

This is intended to help prospective buyers make an informed decision about purchasing the property with regards to pool compliance.

Buying A Property With A Pool

If you are buying a property, a pool safety inspection can alert you to what items are non-compliant and how much it will cost to get them fixed. We can provide a quote for you.

If you have bought a property, you have 90 days from the settlement date to provide a valid pool certificate.

Pool Safety Certification

If you require a Pool Safety Certificate or would like us to do a Pool Safety Inspection to check for compliance with the Qld Pool Fence Regulations you can click here to book online www.brisbanepoolcertifiers.com.au