“Pool Safety Legislation is over the top, why do we need it?” Put quite simply, To Save Young Lives.

“Since Pool Safety Legislation was introduced, drownings of children under five went from 63 to 18. That’s real progress but it is still 18 young lives lost in a year.”


“As a Pool Safety Inspector we are required to always act in the best interest of public safety.”

As a parent, grand parent &  Pool Safety Inspector, I would like to spread the word about pool safety.  There are any hazards concerning young children in and around the pool.

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To get things started, firstly I would like to share with you an article from the Sunday Mail 30th Dec 2018 by Lawrie Lawrence:

“Kids & Pool Safety”

“As a former physical education teacher and a swimming coach, I have spent big-art of my life in and around the water. I know the joy and fulfilment it can bring and I’m all too aware of the risks it can carry.

  Thirty years ago, Queensland held the unenviable record of having the most drownings among children aged under five per capita anywhere in the world. It was a tragedy and a disgrace.

 I first got involved in the water safety campaigns when the government wanted to bring in pool fencing – something which was quite unpalatable to much of the electorate back then.

 We all travelled all around the state, promoting the safety benefits. The pool fencing legislation came in and the drowning stats in that age group in backyard pools fell from 27 a year to 13.

‘  But over the following three years, the number of deaths climbed back up to 26 a year. The reason was that there was no ongoing public education campaign to accompany the legislation.

  I thought “bugger this” and offered to get out there again with the safety message – first with “Operation Waterwise”, and then “Kids Alive- Do The Five”

  Those five key points are as relevant today as ever:

  • Fence the pool.
  • Shut the gate.
  • Teach your children to swim – it’s great.
  • Supervise – watch your mate.
  • Learn how to resuscitate. 

  It took off. We went around again and the number of drowning numbers among under-fives fell from 26 to 10 per annum over two years.

  We knew we had the tiger by the tail – when you promote the safety message, drowning numbers fall. And when you don’t, they increase. It went national in 200 and the number of young child drownings dropped from 63 to 35 in the first year. Now, every new parent gets at take-home bag containing a water safety DVD, which will be replaced with books to read to young children in the new kits. Every early learning centre in Australia has books and animated cartoons addressing the risk of drownings and where they happen – at home, in pools, at the beached on farms.

  Last year, drownings of children under five went down to 18. It’s gone from 63 to 18 – that’s real progress but it is still 18 young lives lost in a year.

  The biggest message is supervise – supervise your kids. That’s how we are going to save lives. Put your phone away and enjoy your kids. Get your costume on and get in the water with them. Help the kids learn they go in with mummy or daddy. It’s a great way of bonding.

  Families should appoint a “designated lifeguard” – someone whose responsibility it is to watch the kids. Let’s enjoy the water together – safely.”

Thank you Lawrie, such a great article.

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