With summer now upon us, it’s a great time to check that your swimming pool is in a safe condition for your children and guests.


  Below are some of the more common issues I find as a Pool Safety Inspector you can easily check yourself.


  1. Inspect the pool barriers and gates for any damage or deterioration which could potentially lead to failure of the barriers or gates.
  2. Check the operation of all the pool gates – they should open fully & close without getting stuck open on anything such as branches or the ground.
  3. The gate should self close and securely latch shut from any open position, this includes from resting on the latch mechanism.
  4. Ensure that all furniture, BBQ’s or other items that could potentially be used for climbing over the pool barriers or access the gate latch are a minimum of 900mm away from the outside and 300mm from the inside of the pool barriers & gates.
  5. Trim back or remove any trees or plants that have grown and would provide climbable access to the pool area.
  6. Make sure your CPR sign is in good condition and is clearly visible from anywhere in the pool area.
  7. Keep all pool chemicals away from children in a locked storage area.
  8. Along with the above, it is vital that adequate adult supervision is provided at all times when there are children in and around the pool area.


Pool Safety Compliance is a very important part of reducing the unfortunate incidents of young children drowning and therefore at Brisbane Pool Certifiers, we are happy to assist home owners and property managers wherever possible.


If you require any further information regarding Pool Safety or would like us to undertake a comprehensive Pool Safety Inspection of you pool, please call or book online now.


Brisbane Pool Certifiers are leaders in their field and can provide you with a Pool Safety Inspection, Pool Safety Certificate or a comprehensive Pool Safety Consultation regarding all aspects of Pool Safety. 


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Disclaimer: the above information is not a comprehensive pool safety inspection checklist. It should be seen as general information on maintaining your pool in a safe & compliant condition only.