Pool Gate Simple Checklist

Brisbane Pool Certifiers as your local Pool Safety Inspector, urge everyone with a pool to spend just 5 minutes to ensure your pool gate is operating correctly.

Gates are the most important part of the pool barrier and also the most common part of the barrier that fails.

Some simple checks are:
1) Pool Gates should open and close freely without getting caught on anything which could prevent the gate from closing.
2) Gates should self close and securely latch when released from any open position, including when released from resting on the latch.
3) When the gate closes, it should not bounce on the latch as shown in the video.
4) Ensure latches are correctly located to reduce the risk of a child opening the gate.
5) Check that the gate and gate posts are in good condition with no broken or dangerous elements.
6) Educate others of the dangers of propping the gate open which could allow a child to enter the pool area unsupervised.

If you require any further information or would like to have our inspector assess you pool for compliance please visit –www.brisbanepoolcertifiers.com.au



Brisbane Pool Certifiers are QBCC licensed Pool Safety Inspectors.  We also hold  QBCC Builder & Building Inspector licenses.
These qualifications ensure we have the industry knowledge to inspect and certify the pool for you. Wether it be a swimming pool at a holiday resort or a small backyard above ground pool we will provide industry best service.


Our main goal is to help pool owners ensure their pool area is safe and compliant. This greatly reduces the chances of a tragic accident occurring in their backyard.

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Pool Gate

If you require a Pool Safety Certificate or would like us to do a Pool Safety Inspection please click here to book online. www.brisbanepoolcertifiers.com.au