How Much Is A Pool Safety Certificate In Qld?

The fee for a Form 23/Pool Safety Certificate is $48.00 and is a Certificate of Compliance for your pool or spa.

To obtain a Pool Safety Certificate, you are required to engage a Pool Safety Inspector. Our Inspector will carry out a comprehensive inspection of the entire pool area. The inspection process involves checking all aspects of the barriers and gates for compliance.

Brisbane Pool Certifiers are QBCC licensed Pool Safety Inspectors. We are also licensed Builders & Building Inspectors.
These qualifications ensure we have the industry knowledge to inspect and certify your pool for you.

From swimming pools at a holiday resort to a small backyard above ground pool, we are here to help. So Book your Pool Safety Inspection now.


How Much Does A Pool Safety Inspection Cost?

Our cost for a Pool Safety Inspection is only $179.00 including GST for the average size pool area.

Brisbane Pool Certifiers try to keep costs down because that means we can pass that saving onto you, the pool owner.

Once you have a compliant swimming pool we will issue the Pool Safety Certificate. We then lodge it on the Qld Pool Safety Register for you at no additional cost.

Before a pool certificate can be issued it is mandatory for your pool to be included on the Qld Pool Safety Register. When you book an inspection with us us we check the register for you. If required, we will register your pool for you at no cost.

We use state of the art testing equipment and have streamlined the inspection process without compromising quality.

Our main goal is to help pool owners ensure their pool area is safe and compliant to reduce the chances of a tragic accident occurring in their backyard.

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Pool Gate

If you require a Pool Safety Certificate or would like us to do a Pool Safety Inspection, can click here to book online