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Any person who relies upon the contents of this report does so acknowledging the following clauses that define the Scope and Limitations of the inspection and form an integral part of the report. If there is anything contained within this report that is not clear or you have difficulty understanding, please contact the inspector prior to acting on this report.


The purpose of the Pool barrier inspection is to conduct an inspection of the pool barrier in order to issue either a Pool Safety Certificate or a Non-Conforming report. This attachment forms part of the Non-conforming report and is to provide advice to the Pool owner regarding the non-compliance of the swimming pool barrier, identifying in detail the non-compliant issues and providing recommendations on how to make the pool barrier compliant with the Pool Safety Standard.


The inspection comprises a visual assessment of the pool barrier, conducting several tests for the strength and rigidity of the barrier, as described in the Appendix of the Pool Safety Standard, measuring all of the barrier’s components such as walls, doors, windows, gates and anything that may form part of the barrier. The inspection includes ensuring all barriers are compliant with the Pool Safety Standards height and maximum gap requirements in or on the barrier. The scope includes the measuring of all barrier components to ensure compliance with the Pool Safety Standard and to form an opinion regarding the general condition of the fencing at the time of the inspection. An estimate of the cost of rectification of defects is outside the scope of the Standard and therefore does not form part of this report.


This report is limited to an inspection of areas where safe and reasonable access is available and permitted on the date and at the time of the inspection. If the Pool barrier includes a boundary fence, then permission is required to be sought from the owner of the neighbouring property prior to the inspection being conducted. If the Pool barrier includes any windows or doors that project into the pool area then access into the premises may be required.


Total amount due for services to be paid prior to inspection or cash at time of inspection.


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