imagesA question I get asked as a Pool Safety Inspector


“My spa has a fully lockable, solid cover. Do I still need to have a complying barrier for the spa, and why?”

A. Yes. There is still the potential for the lockable spa lid to be left open or unlocked. For this reason, a complying pool safety barrier is required for spas and some portable wading pools. 

 “Do new swimming pools and spas require building approval?”

A “Yes. A building certifier must provide the building approval and must inspect and certify the pool safety barrier before the pool is filled to a depth of 300mm of water or more.

“What is Classed as a Swimming Pool?”

The Building Act 1975 defines a swimming pool as an excavation or structure:

  • Swimming Pools including portable pools and spas. Your portable pool or spa must comply with pool safety laws if it: *Can hold more than 300mm of water. *Has a volume of more than 2,000L.  *Has a filtration system.
  • Queensland’s Pool Safety laws don’t apply to portable pools and spas that meet all of the below criteria: *You can’t fill it with more than 300mm of water. *It has a maximum volume of 2,000L. *It has no filtration system.
  • Qld Pool Safety laws also don’t apply to a: *Fish pond. *Ornamental pond, manufactured to be used for ornamental purposes. *Dam used for aquaculture, marine research or storage of water. *Watercourse. *Spa bath situated in a bathroom which is not continually filled with water. * Birthing pool used solely for water births. *Portable wading pool.
  • A Portable Wading Pool is defined as: *Capable of being filled with water to a depth of less than 300 millimetres. *Having a volume of no more than 2,000 litres. *Having no filtration or pumping system.
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